things kids say

When the dog tries to hump my 7 year old, she says: "look mama, he's hugging me!"
My 2 year old counts everything like this: "no gabba gabba, one gabba,gabba, two gabba,gabba...."
After every meal /snack I get asked if it's "close eyes time?" = I have them close their eyes for a dessert surprise (at certain times...)
Freshly caught fish are now called "me toos" because that's what my youngest says whenever we are holding one.
And... the mac n cheese in the cafeteria is good... but not as good as mine she says.
AWWW... I love those girls.

where have I been?

Howdy folks, well, mamakeith is being converted into another site after 2 web hosts, 2 time consuming designs and a lot of frustration. If you read thedomesticmama, you can see my passion is food and food photography, so the new site will have lots of recipes and such, BUT there will be a special little page just for odd little glimpses into my world. I am sorry for not posting here as much. Once everything is set up I will be regularly updating the new site! BTW... there is a giveaway on good luck!