A treasure found

About 14 years ago I answered a classified ad from a little old lady selling her cookbook collection. It was a huge dusty box that had about 75 assorted old books collected through the years by the woman. I thumbed through the more interesting ones and the others traveled with me through the years. This afternoon.. one caught my eye. A battered and worn paperback booklet simply titled "good cakes" . I found in the back of this with a strange circular paperclip a dozen or so handwritten recipies from the twenties. VERY COOL. I'm a huge fan of sugar cookies.. and there is a recipe for one from 1924. It's written in that typical grandmother handwriting that nobody has unless the're over 70. I have a good feeling about this treasure. I couldn't go through the others... too windy (I was outside) and then as always, life got me busy. But, that's okay...I have more treasures to find tomorrow.


This is Joey, he's a African spur-thighed tortise, I got him in 2000,when he was the size of a half dollar. He's about 75lbs right now.He roams our backyard, consuming about anything... including dog poo. (we try to discourage this behavior, though) He used to live in an aquarium, and at one point he had free roam of the house. (before his poops became horse-sized).Full grown size for him can range from 75-150lbs. That happens by about age 15, so we just have to wait and see..(hopefully dog poo doesn't stunt growth!) He will live up to 150 years, so it's a good thing we have kids. He will be quite an inheratince one day.

capt tony's-key west

Last year, my husband and I took a weekend getaway to Key West, we did the ever famous Duval street and visited capt Tony's saloon. Apparently this establishment was also "the original sloppy joes, also). If you've never been there it is a sight. First of all, there is a huge tree growing in the center of it. And I mean TREE... roots in the ground and branches out the roof. Very cool. Don't know how the insurance company lets it stay, but I'm glad they do. In addition to the massive tree, there are BRAS. Lots of them. Somehow, ladies feel compelled to leave them there. (no, I wasn't wearing one that day- tank top with built in) Along with the bras, there are various mementos from all the people that have visited. Dollar bills, notes, business cards, and tons of photos. So, after my husband and I cooled off with a nice cold bud we were sucked into the vortex of leaving our mark. Here is our wedding picture being placed. We are going to Islamorada soon for a fishing trip and are planning a drive to Key West one afternoon to see if our mark is still there (and to get some Baby's coffee- YUM.) If you've never had Baby's coffee... well that's a whole new blog. Maybe later.


This is Salvador. I got him at the end of a dirt road after following cardboard signs that read, "FREE PUPPIES". That was fourteen years ago. He is what I think is an Akita/Sheppard mix, although I will never know for sure.. I just say he's a shikita. Salvador has been with me through more than anyone I know... he's lived with me in tiny apartments, and on ten acres. As a pup, he ate a couch and the seat out of my Accord that I used to drive. He used to be able to hop in the back of my old truck and jump out if he saw a cat. Now he's a frail old man in a dog's body. He still eats heartily,and gets around slowly, his days of eating seats and truck jumping are long gone.. he is happy in his golden canine years. You can tell by the smile in this photo.

about this site...

This is the site where you will find the more personal side of my life, rants, raves and the little daily things that make me crazy, good and bad! My goal is to try to document things that are funny sad and everywhere in between. Here is where you can see a day in the life of mamakeith. I will try to post daily, as with my other site, http://domesticatedmama.blogspot.com that's where you can find more useful information ie, cooking and domestic stuff. I hope you enjoy!


It rained. And rained... this is the puddle in our front yard. My daughter loves la-la. Which, to her means water. That started when her dad asked her if she wanted wa-wa for water... wa-wa became la-la, and it stuck. She calls the beach the big la-la. I know one day she'll say water like the rest of the english speaking world.... right now I love her "words".